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Stay Home, Stay Safe, And Still Fly Your Kids Drones

Kids drones are the best way to stay at home and have some fun. Most people have been ordered to stay home but are allowed to visit open fields or parks for a workout. We think that it can be possible that parents and their children can attempt to fly the drones indoors such as in a spare room, attic, or the garage or maybe could take their child outside to a park or backyard and fly a few of these drones.

The best children drones are easy to fly, with simple controls that could be picked up in seconds. And are often much, much more affordable than pro-level drones and much more beginner-focused cheap drones. If you are a guardian or a parent, we guess your little ones have seen you flying your camera drone and are desperate to fly it themselves. Understandably, you are a bit nervous about handing the controls over to a little one. And luckily the best kids drones provide loads of useful features and won’t break the bank.

These types of mini quadcopters, including toy drones, are a few of the cheapest on the market. As such, they generally focus on just a couple of essential features compared to the fully-loaded expensive top-end models, but this makes them perfect for young and inexperienced flyers.

Best Kids Drones To Buy Now

1. Altair AA108 Kids Drone


If your kid continues to be staring at your full-sized drone with grasping eyes, but you are worried about making them loose on such a powerful device, the AA108 packs top-end design but with ample features to make sure it is a safe and enjoyable drone for learning the piloting fundamentals. No wonder it is our top pick for the drone for children.

One-touch landing and take-off take out the strain of getting airborne, Headless, and Altitude Hold modes imply the drone never flies out of range or won’t fall from the sky. Fixed propeller guards are installed to protect the surroundings and people.

The AA108 is A drone to innovate with, too: the FlyingSee Companion app takes new pilots to custom flight paths – ship the drone along a particular route tracked on your smartphone display- along with the 120-degree wide-angle 720p camera is an excellent starting point for creating aerial photography skills.

2. Oaxis Myfirst Drone


The Oaxis MyFirst Drone is the great drone for kids, as it is safe to fly and easy to use — the propellers are housed within a cage layout, so they are enclosed while the drone is in flight.

This kid’s drone, available in pink and in blue, uses Air Hover technology and self-flying modes to help your child to fly a drone. There is an altitude sensor, allowing the drone to put at a maximum height of 3 meters for your peace of mind.

To use it, simply switch it on and throw it upwards, and the drone will take it from there. Flight time is seven minutes per full battery charge, with Air Bounce technology taking down the drone very gradually and safely.

3. Potensic Mini Drone For Kids


This drone is excellent for use inside the house. Small enough to traverse portions of furniture and fly easily within the rooms of your home. The Potensic Mini Drone includes a specific battery slot to stop children from going near. Additionally, it has blade guards to help keep fingers away so that it does not get injured if they get too close.

When it comes to flight, there is a hold mode that ensures the controls remain the same and a handy one-button for convenient take-off and landing option. This is an excellent drone for having fun around the house for the children and the family.

4. Holy Stone DEERC170 Predator Mini Kids Quadcopter


One of the most common issues for children, when they begin flying drones, is control. Basically, understanding the controls flip based on if the drone is currently moving away, from them, or coming back.

The Holy Stone has some technology that fixes the drone’s controls into the controller instead of the drone’s head. This headless mode implies that left on the controller will continuously be left on the drone no matter which path it’s pointing.

A great drone for beginners, with fun modes like flip and roll, and 6-axis stabilization is aiding stable flight.

5. Parrot Airborne Night Drone For Kids

On the lookout for something from the Parrot Airborne Night Drone is a surely break from standard kids drones. Designed for nighttime flying, this streamlined drone comes with ultrasound and lights that help to see easily and fly after dark.

This airborne drone is packed with fun features, including roll and flip. There is even a thrilling freefall quality that stops the engines and allows you to restart and resume mid-flight.

It also features an integrated camera so your children can take selfies or replay your flying acrobatics.

6. Syma X5C Drone

It takes time to learn the commands of a drone, and while various drones are kid-friendly, this particular drone takes things one step ahead with a convenient slow mode.

Once switched, the robust built-in 6-axis stabilization retains the drone steady in the air, allowing anybody to take charge of the flight without fear that this drone will speed off into the distance.

In addition to the simple to use flight modes, there’s also an integrated camera that helps you to get a POV scene by the drone itself.

7. Joygeek Mini Drone


The Joygeek Mini Drone is among the toughest and smallest UAVs on this listing, which makes it portable and unlikely to falter in case of a crash.

To make life easier on fresh pilots, just a button push is needed to bring the drone into the land and an integrated positioning system to keep things stable in the air, improving control. The drone boasts low and high-speed modes so you can start off slow as you learn how to master basic controls.

When you’ve earned the wings of your pilot, there are four amusing 3D flip stunts to attempt and cool LED lights for when you’re fearless to try a night flight.

8. Air Hogs RC Millennium Falcon Quad For Kids

Your little one will be the coolest kid on the block if this item comes out to play. It can fly up to 200 feet away, and it can do an excellent stunt trick with just a button press.

The best bits are will be the LED lights and sounds properties. It is build from high-density foam, which indicates it’ll possibly manage a few crash landings. With the only complaint about the short battery life (and that is pretty much a given with drones anyway). We are very sure the Millenium Falcon will be a significant hit.

9. Holy Stone HS177 Battle Drone

Holy Stone makes terrific drones, and the HS177 is no exception. It has three-speed modes to try as your piloting abilities improve, and Attitude Hold signifies if you take your hands off the controls, the drone will remain in the atmosphere.

This drone provides a range of between 30 and 50 meters, so you have loads of space to practice movements, flight paths and explore the drone’s 360-degree stunt capabilities.

10. DJI Spark

The DJI Spark presented a brand new segment for the drone industry. A tiny machine that packs more fun traits than compelling specs. This drone has everyone talking about the Jedi mind tricks you can play with the device, with the front camera and object detection to identify hand gestures for some fundamental controls. All of these fun flight features made for a focus on two other features. The ability to fly without a remote control in and making you the object of the flight.

11. DJI Mavic Mini


With a long list of drones that begin with the name Mavic DJI has built yet another customer machine, possibly their most user-friendly nonetheless, very compact, the new folding DJI Mavic Mini.

As the name suggests, the DJI Mavic Mini is a really compact machine, and in true DJI style. It has few settlements to make it all work. The first thing to notice is that the Mavic Mini weighs around 0.55 lbs., which implies you do not have to enroll it with the FAA before the flight. Registration is quick and easy, but not requiring it at all is a bonus.

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