Drones in Real Estate

Drones In Real Estate Marketing

A good photo can make or break the sale of a home. The first thing that many buyers will look at is the pictures of the home, rather than any lists of features.

They need to see the rooms as spaces they can live in, with adequate light and space and no signs of damage. Companies that take time over their sales photos can see bigger returns than those that don’t.

Aerial photography of homes can add another dimension to these images. However, many are reluctant to pay for helicopters and photographers to take the shots.

This is where a drone can help. Drones in real estate can take a company to new levels, with the right training and camera equipment. These machines can create, quick, natural images that can improve real estate prospects.

Drones have advanced significantly in recent years. As long as operators follow the rules, they can be a helpful tool.

Many commercial models have some form of camera on a rotating axis and a simple remote control. The more advanced the model, the better the image and the easier the functions.

Some place screens in the controller so operators can view see what the drone sees. It is very helpful for setting up the ideal shot.

Others connect with smartphones and tablets for ease of use. Many also have the option of HD video recording. This ease of use means that drones in real estate are more accessible.

Drones in Real Estate Market

Why Does Aerial Photography Make A Difference?

There are lots of real estate companies that know how to layout room. They can take an interior shot that showcases the best features of a home.

The best listings are the ones that show every room and accentuate the space, light and unique features. The more that people know about a property from the listing alone, the more likely to are to request a viewing.

The use of drones in real estate can take this to a new level with a whole new perspective on the property. These aerial shots can highlight the size of the property from above and its relationship to the surrounding land.

It is perfect for those looking for a certain number of acres and how the area fits with the home. Also, a broader field of vision places this property within the surrounding landscape.

Here viewers can gain a sense of the neighborhood and local amenities. Some people in the real estate game have a habit of bending the truth on the distance to beneficial facilities. Perhaps they may say that it is nicely tucked away from the busy road when it isn’t.

Ariel photographs mean there is nowhere to hide. Therefore, this assures viewers that they are dealing with a reliable company.

This idea of impressing new customers is an important part of the modern real estate. With so many businesses in town looking to sell a home and make commission, it is difficult knowing which to trust.

Also, newcomers may struggle to stand out from the crowd. The decision to use drone tech is a great idea for those looking to stand out on listings.

These grand aerial shots will immediately look different to the typical photos and draw buyers in. Even if the home is not suitable, they have spent the time looking at the listing.

Another option when using the drone in real estate is to upload videos.

The use of drones in real estate is not restricted to still images. Adding videos to the listing offers another level of exploration of the area.

It is just as easy to take HD videos and pictures with modern drones and a steady hand. These videos can provide a 3D view of the home and garden and a closer look at the neighborhood.

It is another step towards placing viewers at the scene and allowing them to understand the property a little better. Again, those that can see themselves living in a home and have lots of information are more likely to buy.

Is it worth spending so much on a drone for aerial photography just to stand out a little better?

The primary concern of drones in real estate lies in the cost of buying a drone and learning to operate it. It is quite an investment for some, and it needs to pay off in the long term.

While some of the best drones with high-resolution video and still photography are expensive, there are long-term financial benefits. Once companies are up and running with their drone, they can film property and take pictures as and when they choose.

As mentioned above, the current options for aerial photography are expensive and difficult to manage. First agents must hire a helicopter or plane for an hour or so to take the images.

It is also difficult to control the shots and get the best results when they are not pulling the trigger. If a shot fails or the lighting is wrong, it doesn’t take much to send a drone back up to try it again.

In addition to this, studies show that people are more likely to pay over the list price on properties using professional photographs. These high qualities, compelling images somehow create a sense of greater value.

Drones In Real Estate And Maintenance

Drones In Real Estate And Maintenance

Finally, those concerned about the worth of these drones in real estate should know that there are other uses for these machines. Drones with cameras, especial thermal imaging, can survey properties.

The imaging software can detect cracks and faults in roofs and upper floors. Also, they can look at heat signatures for heat loss and determine the green credentials of the property. They can pass this information to the seller, who could make improvements to push the value of the property up further.

Drones Really Can Make A Big Difference

The use of drones in real estate may seem a little gimmicky to some right now. However, those that get ahead of the game with impressive aerial shots can soon find themselves beating the local competition.

The bottom line is that buyers are often drawn to these aerial images and see value in them. Companies that can exploit this and create attractive, informative shots and videos could easily see their profits and reputation increase.

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  1. It was interesting to learn about how drones can survey properties and detect cracks and faults in the roof. I can understand how a business could really benefit from having the right equipment in order to be more effective at their job. Getting some help from a professional could help them be more productive.

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