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Learn How To Build A Quadcopter: The F450 Kit

DIJ Flame Wheel F450 drones are a popular choice for many people starting out in drone flying. The F450 kit is a simple kit that is good the enthusiast that wants to build a quadcopter that is relatively easy to learn and fly.

They have the capabilities to hover and roll and are perfect for those wanted to learn the basics. It offers a maximum altitude of 1528 ft, a top speed of 80.07 mph and a maximum ascent of 1277 ft.

This east to assemble model is the ideal starting point before diving into more complex models. As a result, many will want to try and build a quadcopter like this by themselves.

Hobbyists looking to make their F450 should look into a comprehensive, easy-build ARF F450 kit. ARF means almost ready to fly, so assembly is minimal.

Many advocate the purchase of the full Flame Wheel F450 kit from DIJ instead of individual parts. There is the option to swap out elements for better, upgraded pieces in the future if desired.  It is also easier to the replace the parts if the drone crashes.

Flame Wheel F450 kit

Finally, there is that simple sense of satisfaction from building it by hand.

This kit comes in different types at different prices, so it is important that all builders do their homework. Cheaper ones offer just the frame, with no flight controller. This is great for those that want a basic frame to build upon with better parts.

The mid-range kits are the full ARF models with the electronics and controllers included. The more expensive models come with extras like the camera. The worth here depends on the purpose of the drone.

Those that just want to learn to fly and build a quadcopter don’t need this added expense. Also, buyers must make sure to get a legitimate kit and not a knock-off to avoid issues of quality.

When the chosen kit arrives, all buyers must take the time to take inventory of all the items. Also, it is important to note that it is unlikely that there will be any tools. Some may not even have instructions.

All buyers should invest in a multimeter and solder iron and look for detailed instructions. Online guides and YouTube videos are the DIY builder’s friend here. Some of the basics needed to build a quadcopter from an AFR kit.

The first issue comes in fixing the motors to the wings. Most F450 arms contain a tough PA66+30GF material strong enough to take an impact. There are also two red arms and two white arms for improved visual orientation.

When wiring the motors to the flight controls, install the motors in the correct order. Make sure to check the right rotation direction, and interconnect them with the 30A ESCs by soldering them together.

Make sure to clean the parts and screw them together through the pre-made holes. There may be some alignment issues depending on the kit.

Then you can attach the APM 2.8 flight controller. The flight controller is easily mounted on either the top or bottom, but the top means easier access for alterations.

APM 2.8 flight controller

Builders must try and fix it, so the gyro sensor is in the center of the airframe. From there, users simply need to connect the 3S or a 4S Li-Po battery and radio receiver and install the flight control software.

All users must make sure to tidy up all the cables, so they are out of reach of the propellers. It may be worth trimming the cables to size if necessary.

Once users build a quadcopter, it is time for a test flight. After a few checks with the multi-meter on the connections, it is time to take it out and see how it flies. A simple test flight lets users see if the parts work and if there is level flight.

If there are issues with a channel, then users need to go back and rewire the model. The same applies if one of the motors doesn’t turn. All use must remember to be safe and smart with the test flight. Stay away from property and people and fly in good conditions.

Once it works, the builder can continue to play around with it as desired. Those that have the more advanced kits to build a quadcopter can now work on the gimbal and camera function. Others can tidy up the look and make it more secure.

There is a steep learning curve in learning to build a quadcopter, but the F450 kit is a great starting point with room for modification and mistakes.

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