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Go Fly Drones For Fun With The Whole Family

Apart from playing a pivotal role in photography and video shooting, drones also provide fun for the whole family. You also get a feel of flying experience whereby you can control and direct the drone to places you want. There are different types of drones with specific features that make them appropriate for recreational purposes.

This guide gives you ten best drones for fun that are suitable for people who want to have fun or are learning how to fly. All the devices in the list have cameras, but the focus of this guide is not about the quality of images and videos but features that make flying fun and enjoyable.

Hubsan X4 H107D FPV Quadcopter

Husband drone

Hubsan X4 H107D FPV is probably the cheapest in the market since it costs approximately $65 -$84. Indeed the price is unbeatable, and the other aspect about the drone is that it is perfect for first-time users. It is easy to operate and durable. In case of an accidental crash, the drone will be secure since it is made of quality material.

You can also use the drone for racing where you can engage other members to participate in a racing competition. This activity is fun, and this gives you great entertainment since it can captivate your mind for a specified period.

You can also fly the drone inside the house and carefully watch each maneuver that it makes. This helps you to understand the techniques of flying, and you can improve your flying experience with time. It is also interesting to realize that the drone can navigate its way away from obstacles even if you are flying it indoors.

You can also enjoy live video streams on the controller since these are transmitted wirelessly from the drone. This is exciting since you watch live events rather than wait to view them on the computer at a later period.

Holy Stone F181W Wifi FPV Drone

Holy Stone F181W drone

If you are looking for a drone that is simple and easy to use, then the Holy Stone F181W Wifi FPV is the best choice. It is relatively cheaper compared to other similar market offerings, and it costs approximately $120.

The other important aspect about this drone is that it is ideal for anyone who is learning to fly. Its preprogrammed settings enable even a newbie to operate the drone without assistance. It has different flying levels that can also improve your experience with time as you learn the ropes.

You can also use this particular drone for racing purposes. You can fly it without a camera and still enjoy the experience. This gives you the much fun that you desire from flying the drone since you can engage in competitions with others. You should switch it to its highest speed setting when using it for racing.

The F181W drone is safe to fly, and it has control features that are easy to operate even by beginners. Once it takes off the ground, you can flip it and make enjoyable aerial maneuvers.

Altair AA108 FPV Drone

Altair drone

Altair AA108 FPV drone is suitable for beginners and children above 14 years. The kids can fly the drone for fun within the backyard or indoors. The other notable aspect about the device is that it is easy to use and any person can operate it without assistance.

For the sake of fun and experiencing flying, Altair AA is the real deal since it is very cheap. It costs about $130 or less, but it still gives you a variety of activities to perform. You can use this drone for racing purposes, and this gives you unlimited entertainment.

The drone also has safety features to help you avoid crashing. You use an emergency button that shuts the down motors such that the drone comes down in case of impending danger during flight. In the event of a crash, little damage can be caused since the Altair AA108 is made of durable material.

The drone has easy fly mode features such that even beginners smoothly operate it and it also comes with a manual with instructions. The controller is, and you can fly it even on your first day of learning.

AR Parrot Bebop

AR Parrot Bebop

AR Parrot Bebop drone costs approximately $200 and up depending on accessories, and this price is fair compared to other similar market offerings. On top of the reasonable amount, the device has handsome features that make it enjoyable to fly.

The ARP drone is easy to use, and it is suitable for both new beginners and experienced pilots. The flight mode is easy such that even a beginner can manage to fly it without help. The drone gives you a lot of fun when operating it. For example, it is suitable for racing, and you can engage in racing competition with others for entertainment purposes.

You can control the drone using your phone while at the same time enjoying live video streams on yours. There is an app connects your phone wirelessly to the drone such that you can view the action as it happens rather than seeing the video later.

The other handsome feature about the ARP Parrot is it has an automatic return home if it loses contact with the controller. It is also capable of navigating its route that is free of obstacles that can cause crashes. The other thing is that you can also program the drone’s flight path such that it can follow without any control.

Blade Nano QX RTF Quadcopter

Blade nano drone

The Blade Nano QX RTF drone costs around $400, and it offers the best value to people who are beginning to use drones.  Though its flight time only about 4 minutes, the drone gives you a feel of flying and you will certainly enjoy every moment.

Blade Nano Drone is easy to fly and fun such that it captivates you.  Flying this drone is also safe, and there are no fears of injuries or crushing the drone. You can also make a variety of maneuvers with the drone, and you can enjoy the live video stream using the Fat Shark Headset provided.

The Blade Nano brings you the joy of flying, and you can fly it in any room regardless of its size. This gives you the opportunity to watch every move it makes, and this can be a form of entertainment. You can enjoy a lot of fun using the drone at a fair price that is affordable for many people with a passion for flying.

DJI Spark Review

Blade nano drone

DJI Spark is probably the best starter drone for different families, and it costs about $399 and up depending on accessories. It gives you the joy and feel of flying without any training. You can also use the drawn to capture images, or you can fly it around for fun.

The other handsome feature of the drone is the selfie mode that lets you capture images of yourself without pressing any button. This feature is entertaining since you merely look at the drone and it readies itself to catch your vision.

The drone has adequate flight safety such that beginners can use it without any fear of injury or causing damage to it. It has obstacle avoidance sensors, and you can safely use it indoors or outside without any fear of crashing.

The DJI Spark drone gives you different flying options, and you can enjoy watching it together with your family. It can fly straight up, or you can also command it to fly backward or forward. The drone can also zoom in a circular motion, and it can also descend in a spiral pattern which is so captivating.

Phantom 3 Standard

DJI Phantom 3

Phantom 3 Standard Drone is affordable given that it costs about $550. However, its features are hard to match and are perfect for first time owners of drones. You can enjoy the fun of using this drone with your family.

It gives you enjoyable scenes on your linked smartphone while flies to different places. You can watch different events in the style of a movie on your smartphone as you control the drone in various locations. You watch games in real time instead of waiting to download the video on your computer.

The drone includes an intelligent system that helps it to fly easily even without your control. It hovers around you before takeoff or landing to alert so that you are ready to let go or receive it.  It returns home if you lose contact with the aircraft.

Phantom 3 Standard Drone has advanced flight modes that make flying it exciting. For instance, you can program it to follow you without controlling it. The flight intelligence system helps the drone to navigate obstacles through the use of sensors so that it does not crash.

Phantom 3 Advanced

DJI Phantom 3 Advanced

Phantom 3 Advanced is suitable for beginners as well as professionals. The drone has different handsome features that make it ideal for family use. However, the drone is quite expensive since it costs approximately $750.

The drone has a flight intelligence system that makes it easy to fly. For instance, it hovers around you until ready to go during takeoff, and it also repeats the same process upon landing so that you can receive it.

The drone also uses its intelligence to return home when it loses contact with the controller. You can also program it to follow you without controlling it. The drone can perform these actions without crashing since it has obstacle avoidance sensors.

The other exciting feature about Phantom 3 Advanced is that it gives you the opportunity to stream live videos on your tab or smartphone with a link to the controller. A tablet or smartphone acts as a display, and you can enjoy the action live instead of downloading it first to your computer.

You can also enjoy the fun of editing the images and videos that you shoot such that you will perfect your skills.

Phantom 3 Professional

DJI Phantom 3 professional

Phantom 3 Professional is super easy to fly, and it does not require any previous flying experience to operate it. It is viewed as the most comfortable drone to fly in the market since all its features are simple to operate. However, its price is a bit high since it costs about $800.

This particular drone also lets you enjoy the fun of taking images from different angles and even editing them using a simple app. In other words, this drone has been designed in such a way to make things simple.

You can view live streaming on your tablet or, and it gives you the joy of seeing the photos you take regardless of being a learner. You can use this device indoors or outside, and its performance is good in all scenarios.

The drone flies on its own, and it can return when the battery is running low. The intelligence of this device is so fascinating such that you will enjoy watching each move it makes.  It can fly perfectly well without your input since it has an obstacle avoiding sensors.  The next model to try is Phantom 3 SE.

DJ Mavic Pro 4 Drone

Source: DJI

DJ Mavic Pro 4 Drone is another drone that can provide fun for the whole family. It is easy to fly such that even beginners can operate it and enjoy the fun and experience of flying without difficulties.

The drone is ideal for family uses where the users can fly it for fun. The other attractive feature about DJ Mavic drone is that it has a selfie mode that operates by just waving your hands at it. You can take some shots with members of the family, and it is also suitable for other outdoor purposes.

Two people can fly the DJ Mavic since it has a dual remote controller. You can invite a friend to enjoy the fun and experience the feel of flying. The remote system also makes it easy to teach someone to fly the drone. It also has object avoidance sensors that make hovering easy for beginners especially under the guidance of a person with experience.

DJI Mavic Pro 4K

Besides these handsome features, DJ Mavic Pro drone is expensive. It costs approximately $1,000, and this can be a setback for some people.

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