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Fun With Drones Outside

When most people think of drones, what comes to mind is not a list of all the fun things that one can do with these unmanned vehicles. On the contrary, some people may only have heard about drones in the context of war and for the slightly more informed, in the context of other commercial uses of drones.

However, people can also use drones for recreational activities; simply put, it is completely possible to have fun with drones. It is important to note that before trying out any of these activities, drone users should dedicate time and effort to practice flying their drones. Large open fields are an ideal location for drone owners to practice their flying skills.

Good practice will go a long way in preventing drone crashes and other accidents. In addition to that, practice makes it easier to use drones for any of the fun activities listed below.

1. Take Amazing Photos And Videos

Drones have revolutionized the way photos, and videos are made. Drone owners can take pictures from impossible angles and with all their friends in the picture. No one has to miss the photo courtesy of holding the camera.

Drones have also made it easier to record videos and film events with greater efficiency and with much more fun. What’s more, the increased development in the computing power of recreational drones is bound to make the taking of photos and videos even easier.

2. Exploration

This is one of the best ways to have fun with drones. Drone owners can easily explore caves, forests and even the deep sea (in the case of submarine drones). Drones are small and can access previously “inaccessible” areas making them ideal for exploration activities.

However, these activities are time limited in that recreational drones quickly run out of power and therefore need recharging every few minutes.

Drone Racing

3. Drone Racing

For drone owners who feel that they have had enough practice flying drones, participating in a drone race is a must do the activity. With increasing private ownership of drones, drone subcultures are fast emerging.

One of them is drone rallies and drone races where amateur drone Flyers face off against each other. Of course, there is a substantial risk of drones crashing into each other during the race.

However, given the degree of exhilaration one is bound to experience in the race, this is often a welcome risk. Racing is also a good way for amateur drone pilots to sharpen their control skills.

4. Drones As Home/Office Cranes

The use of drones is not limited to large and open spaces. In fact, drone owners can use drones for certain functions within their homes and offices. People can use drones to pick up the TV remote, a beer or any other object within the home or office. This is a particularly fun way to use drones when one is feeling too lazy to get up.

5. Participate In Drone Art

Most people love the sight of planes flying in different formations. Amateur drone pilots can follow this cue by engaging in their drone structures and other forms of drone art.

Amateur drone pilots who feel that their skills are not good enough to participate in drone art can simply attend these shows and get a tip or two from the more experienced pilots. There is also the potential for other forms of drone art such as drone ballet and short film making.

The good news is that drone art is still a relatively new and unexplored area and private drone owners should take advantage of this

6. Pull A Prank

Another way to have fun with drones is to pull funny pranks on other people. However, this may require a high skill set in flying and controlling drones. Probably the best thing about pulling pranks on other people using drones is the fact that drone pilots get to have a three-dimensional view of the prank.

Play Hide And Seek with Drons

7. Play Hide And Seek

Hide and seek is one of the most favorite childhood games. Young drone pilots may fancy a more modern version of the game where friends hide and the drone pilot gets to find them using the drone. Amateur drone pilots who get good at this game may even come in handy during official search and rescue missions.

8. Join The Drone Community

Just like internet users have social media networks and bikers have biker clubs, drone owners also have their communities. Luckily, this community is gradually growing as more and more people purchase recreational drones.

Drown owners can get in touch with their fellow drone enthusiasts and even get to exchange ideas on more ways of having fun with drones.

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