Racing Drones

Key Shopping Points For Ready-To-Fly Racing Drones

Flying an FPV (first-person view) racing drones are an otherworldly experience.  A few years back, only in video games and films could people experience a bird’s-eye view while racing through barriers at breakneck speeds.  As a result of FPV hexacopters, quadcopters, and multi-rotors, anybody with the flying ability to operate a drone may have this exciting experience.…

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drone pilot flying with new regulations

New Drone Regulations And Limits For Your UAVs in Canada

Many individuals and organizations are increasingly adopting drone technology to perform various tasks. Some people use drones for recreational functions while organizations use them for commercial purposes like surveillance and monitoring in security and construction industries.

However, increased drone usage is becoming an issue of concern due to safety and security reasons. Some inexperienced users just start to fly the drone out of the box. It also seems that some of these people lack knowledge about the laws and regulations that guide drone use.

If you intend to buy …

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