Drone Industry

How Has Covid-19 Impacted The Drone Industry Worldwide?

COVID-19 has affected every area of our lives. COVID-19 may have boosted the business of unmanned aerial vehicles, called the drone industry, into our everyday lives. Examples include law enforcement activities, helping in search and rescue procedures, inspecting pipelines and infrastructure, photographing real estate, surveying property, disaster assistance, newsgathering, and recreational.…

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Drones Are Used To Detect Methane Gas

To solve a significant problem with the hydraulic-fracturing procedure is to use methane sniffing drones.  Methane gas is an overflowing gas in oil shale reservoirs that moves up through the drill hole to the surface, where it flows to the air or is burnt off through “flaring.” Additionally, there are numerous points in the oil and gas production support where methane can release, such as inefficient compressors, pipe flanges, and equipment.

As hydraulic fracturing‘s rate continues to increase across the nation, methane discharge is recognized as a pollution issue. …

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Drones In News Gathering

Drones In News Reporting: The Future of Aerial Video

Using Drones for news reporting is a new way to gather information. Due to escalating conflicts across the world, and natural disasters more prevalent, there is a need for reporters to get to the heart of the action. The only way to do so is often to get a bird’s eye view of the area. The aerial video provides a sense of scale in a disaster and a different perspective from the smartphone-shot footage of those at the scene.

It would be possible for some new agencies to hire a

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Drones in Agriculture

Drones In Agriculture Are Taking Off in 2017

The use of drones has no boundaries. Currently, drones in agriculture have become super popular. Farmers are using these small aerial vehicles to calculate the time at which they should harvest their crops and winemakers use them in wineries and distilleries.

Challenges Faced By Farmers

All crops need certain weather conditions and time before it can be harvested, and it is only after inspections of the crop that one can harvest the crop. However, when it comes to harvesting fruits, the timing becomes very crucial.

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Drones In Line Inspection

Line Inspection Drones Save Money, Time – And Lives

Drones have become a must-have tool in many industries in recent years. Their flight capabilities, thermal imaging, and bird’s eye views provide data in hard to reach places. They can see things that human technicians cannot and can provide information in a shorter space of time.

The appeal of these drones in power line and transmission tower inspections is clear. They can save time, save money and potentially save lives.

The idea took shape in 2015 with plans for test flights. Modern advancements mean that the appeal is even stronger.

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Drones in Real Estate

Drones In Real Estate Marketing

A good photo can make or break the sale of a home. The first thing that many buyers will look at is the pictures of the home, rather than any lists of features.

They need to see the rooms as spaces they can live in, with adequate light and space and no signs of damage. Companies that take time over their sales photos can see bigger returns than those that don’t.

Aerial photography of homes can add another dimension to these images. However, many are reluctant to pay for helicopters

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RC Drones with Camera

Best Remote Controlled (RC) Camera Drones Selling Right Now

Remote Controlled- RC camera drones are popular drones that have the built-in camera. They are currently the top selling products in the market concerning technological gadgets.

They have managed to even beat mini RC Drones and RC Drones UAV in sales. They are designed with four channels to facilitate complete control i.e. flying right, left, forwards, backward and even hover over an are so as for taking the perfect camera shot.

RC drones with cameras is a revolution that is bound to make significant changes in surveillance, delivery of small

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