How to build a Fixed Wing drone?

How To Build Your Own Fixed Wing Mapping Drone?

To build the great fixed-wing mapper with long flight times, higher quality camera, simple to launch/land and secure during the flight a seemingly simple set of requests. Well, not exactly.

Going from minimal knowledge of drones to constructing a fixed-wing mapper has a seriously steep learning curve. The learning curve would have pushed the patience of even the most enlightened Yogi. Here you’ll find a breakdown of the time it will take to build a mapping drone.…

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how to build DIY drone

All The Steps You Need To Build A DIY Drone

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have been used for years, but they’ve achieved the most popularity in recent years with small commercial drones. The new FPV (first-person view) technology provided us a different experience of flying, and the progression of GPS systems in drones exposed a whole new world for enthusiastic people ready to start having fun flying drones.

Obviously, drones are not the only RC flying machines on the market, but their active multi-rotors and their ability to capture amazing photos and capture stunning videos during flight made them the …

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Build a Quadcopter

Learn How To Build A Quadcopter: The F450 Kit

DIJ Flame Wheel F450 drones are a popular choice for many people starting out in drone flying. The F450 kit is a simple kit that is good the enthusiast that wants to build a quadcopter that is relatively easy to learn and fly.

They have the capabilities to hover and roll and are perfect for those wanted to learn the basics. It offers a maximum altitude of 1528 ft, a top speed of 80.07 mph and a maximum ascent of 1277 ft.

This east to assemble model is the ideal

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Build An FPV Drone

How To Build A FPV Drone By Yourself

Drones come in all shapes and sizes, and many keen operators much prefer a strong racing model to a basic quadcopter. Some of the best models are FPV models.

FPV means first person view, where cameras and monitors offer a drone’s eye view of the world. This is ideal for those that want to better control over the drone and more than a typical remote control.

The popularity of these models means that many are keen to learn to build an FPV drone. Hand-building drones does another aspect of this

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Build A Quadcopter

A Guide to Build Your Own Quadcopter

It is a well-known fact that human beings cannot fly because of their dense bones and flapping their arms does not give them the adequate lift needed to overcome the strong pull of gravity.  Fortunately, there is technology to provide the much-needed flying experience. Building quadcopters is a good way by which people can get their flying experience and have some fun while they are at it.

A quadcopter is undoubtedly one of the most popular crafts in the entire multi-rotor family. It is a bit challenging to build and

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Ghost Drone Helicopter

Making A Evil Remote Controlled Ghost

For many years, people have draped white sheets over their heads to pass off as ghosts for Halloween.  Most of the time, it works.

But technology has caught up with the traditional ghost look, and now, zombie drones and ghost helicopters are taking Halloween by storm!

What’s more, they are scarier – and a LOT more fun!

Always one to go with the times, I decided to get into my “laboratory” and build a Halloween ghost drone for myself.

To make it more unique and to ease flight control, I …

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