Thursday, January 13, 2011

Quadcopter films actual location of "127 Hours" the Movie

A few months ago we went to Canyonlands and Blue John Canyon to find the rock that Aron Ralston was trapped by for 127 hours.  It was a great hike, and equipment worked well.  Check out video below.

These quadcopters carried a GoPro HD and we shot at both 720p at 60 frames per second and 1080p at 30.  We had very little room to work with, but thanks to Michael's mad piloting skills and our gyro-stabilized KK Multicopter brain on the quadcopter, no harm or accident happened to our little ship.

We've recently been happy to see quite a bit of interest in our aircraft. We have decided to start building these little guys for anybody wanting to try to do some crazy stuff.  Next month we will have a new model that should change the way we film from the air.  Please stay tuned, and email us if you have any requests for aerial video or aerial photography needs, or if you have great ideas of what we should film next.  Thanks!


  1. Very professional. It would have been great to have had footage like this of our trip into Shaw Arch. Maybe next time Michael will do that.

  2. hi
    nice job
    what camera did you use for the film?
    a gopro hd or some dslr?