Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Turkey Pie Drop

Hi everybody! We had a great response to our last video. Lots of you voted on what Mr. T should wear for Thanksgiving. Well, your prayers have been answered! By popular demand, here is a video of a giant, quadcopter, flying turkey cyborg that drops pies!

Some of you will notice that this is not, in fact, Mr. T, but is instead his evil associate, Professor X! This is the quadcopter that does most of our shooting. It's tough, flies well, and can take a whole lot of abuse. It's based on the KKMulticopter flight control board (just like Mr. T, it is also programmed with a Sparkfun Pocket AVR Programmer) this system has proven to be very reliable, though it does lack some of the more advanced features of our Arducopter and Mikrokopter based aircraft.

This is the turkey, just before we added some finishing details. It is constructed of four long sheets of poster-board for the cylinder, and smaller pieces for the head, wings, and tail with some small parts that are folded over for strength. The cylinder is lifted by straightened coat hangers that are zip-tied to the quadcopter's arms. There is also coat hanger around the inside of the cylinder and the tail (not visible here) to give them strength. Without it, the props suck them in! (Experience!) The entire setup is actually pretty balanced.
Here's Scott getting ready to hand launch. We've found this to be so easy that I don't usually include landing gear on these helicopters. Of course we're careful, but the quads are far safer than conventional single rotor helicopters.

I didn't get a good photo of the dropping mechanism, but it can be seen pretty clearly in the video. It's just a piece of bent-over aluminum with a hole drilled through. An old servo controls a pin that goes through that hole, when it's pulled out, the load drops.

It actually flew surprisingly well with the turkey suit on, the pie badly unbalanced it, however, making it pretty much impossible for me to drop the pie on Scott properly.

When it was all over, we released the turkey suit into the wild, where it lives peacefully.
Thanks for reading! If you liked the video, please share it! Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

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